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Welcome to Terra Café.

mapWe are guided by the philosophy that you should know what is in your food. Therefore, our food is made from scratch! Seriously. We make our own bread, pastries, desserts, and even our own English muffins and pita. We make the sausage that goes on our breakfast sandwich. We make our own salad dressings. The granola? Yep. The gravy for the biscuits? Of course. We do not make the cheese. (Yet!) We do make great coffee and tea. Our espresso is ground, tamped, and pulled by a real barista.

We encourage you to stop by and check us out. We love to talk. But don't worry, we also love to listen. We try to encourage both; coffee is good for that. So are wine and beer, of which we offer a modest but thoughtful selection.

dining room

Whatever you're drinking, we want you to enjoy it in good company and in a comfortable seat. (Did I mention that big couch in the corner?)

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